Roundup PowerMax Herbicide

When you’re looking for an agricultural herbicide formulation that offers powerful, consistent weed control, take a look at Roundup PowerMAX. The consistency of control this product provides has been enhanced and proven on weeds that are known to be hard to control such as velvetleaf, purslane, lambsquarters, kochia, Canada thistle and morning glory.

Roundup PowerMax herbicideRoundup PowerMAX has consistently outperformed imitator herbicide products in both greenhouse and field trials with performance you can see. Specially formulated with CROPSHIELD, it offers weed to weed and field to field control.

In warmer climates, a preharvest application of Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide can help to hasten grain sorghum drydown and aid with weed control and plant desiccation for ease of harvest. The following benefits can be found through preharvest application:

• Desiccation of foliage permits for earlier harvest.
• Grain moisture may be significantly reduced at harvest time.
• Less green matter provides an increase in harvest efficiency.
• Late-season weed control helps reduce late-season weed seed production.
• Late-season water uptake from the sorghum and weeds may be reduced, resulting in more soil moisture for the next crop.
• Less evidence of grain mold complex in sorghum panicle.

Roundup PowerMax herbicideKeep in mind that Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide should not be used pre-harvest on sorghum grown for seed, as reduction in germination or vigor may occur. Apply Roundup PowerMAX® when grain sorghum is at 30 percent moisture or less. When applying Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide pre-harvest, if grain sorghum is drought-stressed, diseased or lush due to irrigation, it is recommended to increase the application towards the higher end of the labeled herbicide rate and add a full rate of AMS (17 lbs/ 100 gal of spray solution). Avoid a pre-harvest application of Roundup PowerMAX® if sorghum is infected with charcoal rot as lodging may occur.