Using Agricultural Adjuvants to Slow Chemical Absorption

To improve adhesion to crops when spraying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers agricultural adjuvants can be added to the spray tanks being used. These provide a unique water-resistant coating agent that successfully helps to adhere chemicals used onto the plants. In addition, they are protected from degradation by sunlight and high temperatures. This water-resistant coating slows the release of the chemicals to the plant. While phytotoxicity is reduced it greatly extends the action of the chemical being sprayed.

Using Agricultural Adjuvants to Slow Chemical Absorption

Phytotoxicity is normally the result of a fast uptake of a chemical, during the first few hours after spraying by crops that are only relatively resistant to that chemical. In the case of weed killing, a delay of a day or two may be introduced by the use of adjuvants designed to slow down rather than speed up the uptake of spray chemicals by treated plants.

At EzBuyAg we carry an assortment of agricultural adjuvants that are made from a formulation of polymers for use in tank-mixture with agricultural and horticultural chemicals of all types. These products are used to improve adherence during times of rain or as a safener in situations of marginal selectivity.

Using Agricultural Adjuvants to Slow Chemical Absorption

Adjuvants for use with agricultural pesticides are also known as extenders, wetting agents, sticking agents and fogging agents. The assortment of agricultural adjuvants we have include but are not limited to the following:

80/20 Non-Ionic Surfactant
Ammonium Sulfate L
Blast Charge
Crop Oil
Foam Control Agent
Foam Marker
MSO, Silicon Enhanced, Non-Ionic
Silicon Enhanced MSO
Zen-Plex 681

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