Questions About Purchasing From Us

wholesale farm chemicalsFrom time to time we get asked questions from people who are buying wholesale farm chemicals. It’s for this reason that we have a Frequently Asked Question page on our website. If you find yourself with any questions regarding purchasing wholesale farm chemicals from us you might want to check out that page. Here is a small sampling of what you’ll find there.

Who stands behind the product if I have a problem?

All wholesale farm chemicals and other products sold by are backed by the product manufacturer. All products sold here are new and in the original packaging. All totes are from a bulk fill facility. Please feel free to call oremail with any questions or concerns, we will help in any way possible.

Will this product work with my rebate program?

In most cases, product will either included in your rebate/re-spray program or will be “stripped”. This means that the price will reflect that any and all rebate has been removed. Please ask when ordering so we can make the appropriate decisions on buying based on your concerns.

What if the product arrives damaged? will return any product that you are not 100% satisfied at cost to the customer. All shipping concerns and liabilities will be the responsiblity of the commercial carrier.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Call us at 1-855-392-8924 or email us at