About Acephate Insecticide

Acephate insecticideWe’d be hard pressed to find a gardener or farmer who didn’t know about aphids and leaf miners. Did you know there are over 4,000 species of aphids? Acephate insecticide is an effective treatment against these very resistant species of damaging insects.

Aphids are born pregnant and reproduce fast. Baby aphids are all female and they become an adult in a week. Aphids can reproduce without males but males do develop once in a while in order for the genes to change. Aphids are small and soft-bodied and also referred to as plant lice. You can find them in green, pink, yellow, black colors and even colorless. They grow up to 2 to 3 mm long and are shaped like a pear. They feed only on plants, where they gather in huge colonies on the leaves and on the stem. Aphids live everywhere in the world but are overly destructive in temperate regions. Most of these plant lice are wingless but there are exceptions.

Leaf miners are more difficult to eliminate because they live inside a plant’s leaves. Spraying the infected leaves with Acephate insecticide will eliminate leaf miners but it will take two or three applications. This insecticide does not kill on contact and must be ingested by the insects.

These insects are such a bother that many gardeners and farmers turn to Acephate insecticide and various other pesticides. Others turn to the enemy of many insects, the ladybug, and sometimes to row covers or insecticidal soap.