We Carry the Best Products for Crop Protection

As one of the leading suppliers of crop protection products we are the only one that connects growers to the source of their products. Working with all major manufactures, generic chemical producers and brokers across the U.S. to find the absolute lowest prices possible on all your agriculture chemicals, we will keep you informed on potential programs and sales. We’ll notify you of changing prices and potential shortages by being in contact with the entire “chemical system” on a daily basis helping you make better decisions in your purchasing while saving you money .

crop protection productsWith continuous use of land for planting crops year after year, it’s more important than ever to utilize the newest crop protection products you can find. Chemical products are the best method used for crop protection and includes fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and growth agents. Agrochemicals are designed for increasing productivity and decreasing damage and disease.

Crop protection products that are actively used in fields for improving the production of crops also play a vital role in controlling pests and diseases. Apart from using these chemicals on a continuous basis to prevent disease, it is important to implement strategic crop protection measures for pests. These measures are adopted to handle prevention, suppression and eradication and include identification of pests and the damage caused by them, biologic aspects and development of the pests life cycle, and the correct method and time for controlling their population.