Preemergents Successfully Eliminate Weeds

Growing a profitable soybean crop requires keeping weeds out. A wide variety of weeds can compete with soybeans at all stages of the growing season. Heavy weed pressure reduces yields and cuts into profits so it’s important to take advantage of reliable, sustainable solutions that improve productivity, profitability and crop safety.

We’re carrying Envive® herbicide now for providing highly effective weed control around soybeans. This is a preemergent that delivers more consistent weed control of the most challenging weeds including glyphosate-tolerant or resistant weeds commonly found growing in soybean fields.

Envive® performs in two ways — by removing resistant weeds then by protecting your crops throughout the growing season. This herbicide consistently controls and manages the toughest weeds including winter annuals, Palmer amaranth, common cocklebur, marestail, morningglory, sicklepod, waterhemp, lambsquarters, and other glyphosate- or ALS-tolerant or resistant weeds.

While Envive® works well in cool, wet conditions, burndown of winter annuals with Envive® and spring broadleaf weeds, plus residual control allows postemergence application to be made closer to the soybean canopy. This reduces the number of necessary in-crop herbicide treatments.

There is a greater potential for weed growth after harvest. If much of the crop is harvested earlier than normal, and fall weather stays mild, weeds that germinated later in the season could mature enough to produce more seed, adding to the weed seed bank. A post harvest herbicide application could be an excellent weed-control strategy in the fall and again in the spring.